June Krajniak

Executive Marketing Director

June Krajniak followed her academic career to Chicago with a B.A in Landscape Architecture and later she gained her Master in the field of urban planning at University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2016, she participated in a school project which was backed-up by Chicago Transit Authority. June supported the team with great graphic design and outstanding typesetting skills. The project was nominated and awarded from the Master of Urban Planning and Policy (MUPP) Student Showcase.


June had worked in Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) in 2017 as a research assistant where she actively refined her skill of problem-solving. During the time at MPC, she learned from the best crew on how to organize and execute projects step by step. Later, June Krajniak proudly joined Reese Krajniak in the board of Legal Ease Law Clinic to initiate the affordable legal service in Chicago region. 


June enjoys finding solutions for her cats and her house. June has an active mind. She utilized her knowledge in landscaping and some (lots of) advice from Pinterest to turn a dead land in her backyard into her own veggie garden. She also volunteers in Anti-Cruelty Society since 2018. She is currently self-teaching SQL and how to be a project manager using every opportunity encountered.

M.A in Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2016
B.A in Landscape Architecture, Tunghai University, Taiwan, 2013