Can I get temporary alimony while we are living separate during a divorce?

Temporary spousal support is available during the course of a divorce. The Judge doesn’t order temporary support unless it is specifically petitioned for. Many times when minor children are involved, there are a few more issues that need to be decided and therefore divorces can take an extended amount of time and temporary spousal support and child support may need to be awarded during the pending dissolution of marriage proceedings.

The court will consider many different factors to determine the amount of temporary maintenance it will award. The court generally considers and applies the Illinois Maintenance Guidelines. Temporary spousal support will continue until the end of the case, for a set time period in the order, or until it becomes permanent by a court order or Marital Settlement Agreement. Temporary support is very hard to obtain when you don’t have legal representation. Contact us today to have a reduced fee lawyer help you get the spousal support you need to pay your bills during your divorce. Temporary attorney fees can also be awarded during a divorce proceeding.

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