We are already divorced, Can my Spousal Maintenance be Changed?

Post-decree changes are common in divorces. Changes can happen for a variety of reasons. Many of the reasons have to do with children after a divorce, but sometimes it can be because of spousal maintenance. Spousal support should be terminated if the ex-spouse receiving the support payments gets remarried or if he or she is co-habitating with another in a romantic relationship, or if either ex-spouse dies. Maintenance can also be modified or terminated if one of the parties has a significant change in their income. Modification and termination do not happen automatically without a court order, meaning that one of the spouses must file a petition to modify or terminate in court otherwise the obligation will continue.

Many times the circumstances for the change can be complex and difficult to understand when a change that is considered significant happens; that is why you should contact a lawyer to help you through the process.

Call one of our Downers Grove lawyers today to see if you qualify for a termination or modification of spousal maintenance.

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